Sunday, 31 December 2006

In the beginning...

It is 00.43 1/1/07
I have decided to try again to keep a blog. I have started and stopped 3 so far. I just feel...well, let us not ponder on what was but what will be. Happy New year to all. I do hope all is well and inshal -allah this year will prove more fruitful than the last. I hope all will be well. My New Year's resoloutions thus far are...

1)To get my QTS(either through a PGCE or GTP)
2)To buy a house
3)To marry
4)to pray more often (insha allah)

I am sure this list will be added too...

Oh yes

5)lose weight :) I feel I am becoming 'pang pang'-hehe!

All else is good, it is a new year so I will not dwell on anything but really see it as a fresh page. In so doing for now I am done.