Friday, 5 January 2007



Firstly let me share with you my letter published in 'The Guardian on Dec 11th 2006 regarding Muslim intergration with the UK.

...ntegration for the Muslim community has never been an issue until now. Look at the success of the Muslim integration in China within the Tang dynasty period. Muslims were so successful in their adoption and adaptation of Chinese culture and customs that Emperor Gao Zong decreed soon after AD650 that the first mosque in China be established. Muslims in Russia, India and Spain also achieved success through integration. When Muslims felt they were being persecuted or that integration was not an option they would make hijra (migration) to a place where they believed they could be successful, as is decreed by Islamic jurisprudence.As for the issue of dealing with radicalised minority elements within Britain's well-balanced and law-abiding Muslim community, this can only be resolved through intra-faith dialogue, which Muslims must ensure. So, I agree with the prime minister. Allow the majority to integrate and the minority should do as Islam dictates: make hijra and permit the rest of us to live in peace.
Imran Zeb

With the New Year in full flow I am ina ctive persuit of my goals. I will ahve a GTP interview on the 15 I think and am waiting to hear about 3 GTTR places with regards to the PGCE. I am sincerely hoping I can start one and get my QTS. I am also hoping i can starta DPhil this year but let us do what i should first and then worry about what I want.

The weather is awful but alas what else is new-thi is the UK.

I recently spoke with Shining, she is very adorable-she always is to me :) I had a strange dream about Bei(She says she is ok). I miss Xiumei, I miss Wenwen,I miss Hui Fen, I miss Yang Na-I even miss Charming and Kumiko-hehehe!I will most likely be back in china ina few weeks and hope I cans ee all of them..but theya re all not Song Song-she is my everything :)

I am reading an interesting book about the History of China-'All Under Heaven'. I read 'The God Delusion' by Dawkins and was very dissapointed. I think he is merely looking at it from a Eurocentric view whicxh makes his arguments dull and easy to counter.His fundamental premise-that logically god can not be proven was made and destroyed by the Great Ghazzali (May Allah bless his soul)

Life is very interesting...thre are many things i want to say but I think for now I'll stay silent...

The current weather in Oxford...(pic)

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