Friday, 12 January 2007

The Self...

It is 23.43/12/1/07

As day's go (and they seem to be gong quickly it seems, as the old expression states, 'time and tide wait for no man-though of course whoever said this initially was unfamiliar with various stories in Egyptian mythology and Chinese mythology where time is stopped, moved forward or backwards, as well as the fact that the Holy Prophet called the Moon back, he would realize his comment was erroneous but...) today was not a great day. Maybe it was the weather or something which gave me a sullen mood so I felt somewhat low. I was unable to call Song song also, which will always make me feel awful if i can not hear her voice.I miss her terribly....I bought her a bunch of things and I do hope she likes them :)

I have not heard from Yang Na in a while, I do hope she is well. she is a very sweet girl and her hair always smelled like strawberries...

I may well be back in China soon...hehehe!

As for Wei Li, I hope she is happy with her stupid choice :)

I was called yesterday but a University in Northumbria who wanted me to do a GTP in Religious Education & not History as it i(RE) is a shortage subject-hehehe!Can you imagine me teaching RE :)

...I sometimes feel I am not good enough for Song Song, I dislike this feeling and I know it stems from my childhood and that I had very little self confidence growing up but alas it is still there and I should deal with it. I am a pretty good guy and lord knows I am a million times more educated and erudite than most people I meet(ok bordering on arrogance there Mr Zeb..) the bottom line is I do have good things going for me so i should not feel bad about myself so often. I guess it is not only girls who have this....

I think Hamza Yusuf is a shining Light of the Muslim community...

Listen to the moderate voice of Islam :)

It is said...


日色已盡花含煙, 月明欲素愁不眠。
趙瑟初停鳳凰柱, 蜀琴欲奏鴛鴦絃。
此曲有意無人傳, 願隨春風寄燕然。
憶君迢迢隔青天, 昔日橫波目,
不信妾腸斷, 歸來看取明鏡前。

The sun has set, and a mist is in the flowers;
And the moon grows very white and people sad and sleepless.
A Zhao harp has just been laid mute on its phoenix holder,
And a Shu lute begins to sound its mandarin-duck strings....
Since nobody can bear to you the burden of my song,
Would that it might follow the spring wind to Yanran Mountain.
I think of you far away, beyond the blue sky,
And my eyes that once were sparkling
Are now a well of tears.
...Oh, if ever you should doubt this aching of my heart,
Here in my bright mirror come back and look at me!"

Headlines...go Blair-hehehe!(joke!)

Iraq is a mess, the war is a mess.....see in comparison my life is not so bad :) make yourself feel better, compare yourself to people in a war zone :) that is awful....


Me & Yang Na-I miss her hair :) we are just friends I swear ;)

24 is back...

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