Friday, 19 January 2007


It is 04.45/20/01/07

I am currently reading this article..

Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam, writing as Professor H. M. Léon, M.A., D.C.L., F.S.P., etc. (1916)

In the Numismatical department of the British Museum there is preserved a curious and interesting gold coin, over twelve hundred and thirty years old, on which is inscribed in unmistakable Arabic characters the declaration that ‘There is no Deity but Allah, The One, Without Equal, and Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah,’ and the further declaration, engraved around the margin of the coin, ‘Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah, Who sent him (Muhammad) with the doctrine and the true faith to prevail over every other religion.’

A very interesting article indeed...

I was fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough as the case may more accurately be described to be caught in the midst of yesterday's tumultuous British weather. In my desire to attend an interview for the Graduate Teacher Programme in Scunthorpe(A place not as vile as the name may suggest..)I decoded to chance the weather which at 6am(when I left) was only a mild rain-which, living in the UK we are quite accustomed too. Alas, by the time we had reached Sheffield , which was my first change I was already running 50 mins late as the trains were being forced to pursue at a speed of 40Mph. This coupled with delays and cancellations meant i finally reached my destination at 3pm, a wonderful 4 hrs of scheduled(a good impression for an interview)

The interview itself went ok I feel, I had to write about 'Personalised Learning' and do a presentation on the subject of 'The Teacher i aspire to be'(I am not sure if i can put up my Power Point presentation but I will try). I was then asked a serious of question and that was pretty much it.

The journey home was even worse, there were no trains from Sheffield to Oxford, all had be cancelled. I thus had to chop and change slowly clawing my way to the Capital. Finally i had to take coach back to oxford as at 00.35 all the trains had cease to run. Having paid an extortionate £78 for the train ticket I was not a happy chap. I finally arrived home at 3am. i ate something, having literally eaten nothing all day and crashed.I did meet an interesting guy on the coach, he was a student at Oxford doing a DPhil in Linguistics, we got to talking about the nature of language through metaphor and such issues as Israel, Iran etc. We exchanged books and maybe I wll see him again to return his book.

The papers say...

The bill for damage caused by Britain's strongest storms in 17 years may run into hundreds of millions of pounds, insurers say.

Eleven people died on Thursday as parts of the country were battered by gusts of up to 99mph.

Thousands of homes remain without power, flooding warnings are in place and travellers still face disruption

All else is pretty good. I miss Song Song badly(qin qin). I spoke with her for awhile on the phone today?I also received an email from Mingbo and Lili.I wonder what Wenwen is doing and I have not heard from Shining in awhile...Miss Hui Fen too. I may still be going back to China, though it seems Wuxi is out(somewhat glad). I have a sense of frustration but have come to accept the notion that even within tribulation there is benefit.

I found an awesome Hamza Yusuf speech...

Speaking of religion, my gosh Dispatches on Monday. The people on that show really did an excellent job in misrepresenting the truth about Islam. they were pretty crazy...similar in their retardation to Jade Goody who is a complete racist and deserves everything she gets regardless of how much Channel 4 tried to patch things up.

I recently saw a Japanese film entitled 'Vital' which was actually pretty good. I also say 'Azumi'(again) and 'Brotherhood' which is a Korean film not Japanese but an amazing film. 'Fearless' is good as is 'The Curse of the Golden Flower'. .'The Last kind of Scotland ' seems pretty excellent. In general Hollywood is rubbish, they have to rip of the Asian film market to get ideas.

This weekend, well the weather is pretty awful so there is little I can do i guess...


The pic is Hui Fen


officelurker said...

so, can you tell us about the awesome speech of our beloved Sh Hamza that you found?

Zatoichi said...


That is the Hamza speech :)